Kendriya Vidyalaya Fee Collection System Wednesday, September 20, 2017
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Instructions for 11th Admissions(Existing Students)
1. Students who have already paid the fee for Quarter-1 (Apr - Jun), 2017 and verified for Quarter-2 (Jul - Sep), their fee for Quarter-2 (Jul - Sep) will be accepted through system.
2. The students who were not verified till 28th June, 2017, their fee for both Quarter-1 (Apr - Jun) and Quarter-2 (Jul - Sep) will be collected manually at school level.
3. The students whose fee will be collected manually for Quarter-1 (Apr - Jun) and Quarter-2 (Jul - Sep) (as mentioned in pt. 3), their data verification in the system is to be done in the ‘Existing Menu’ in the month of August, 2017.
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S.No. Fee Type Session 2017-18
1. New Admission Student System will allow again for Payments, data entry, verification, quarterly Fee (VVN, Tuition, Computer fee etc) on 4th Jul 2017.

Last date for payment is 31st Jul 2017.
2. Existing Student System Will Open for Data Entry & Verification at all levels on 4th Aug 2017 - 10.00 AM.
Last date for Data Entry & Verification at all levels is 28th Sep 2017- 6.00 pm.

Fee collection will start from 1st July 2017.
All KV Teachers are requested to please ensure completion of Students data entry & verifications at all levels before the aforesaid schedule & suitably guide.

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