Kendriya Vidyalaya Fee Collection System Thursday, May 13, 2021

System will allow data entry,verification(at both levels) for SESSION 2021-2022 (quarter 1)(existing students only) till 31st march 2021, 1 P.M. ONLY.

All KV's are requested to complete PROMOTION/DEMOTION process for SESSION 2021-2022 (existing students only) before 31st march 2021, 1 P.M.

If any existing student is not visible for verification: first deactivate and then activate the student again for the student to be visible for verification
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S.No. Fee Type Session 2021-22
1. New Admission Student System will allow data entry,verification & promotion/demotion for Quarter - 1(Apr-Jun)(New admission students)(2021-2022) from 7th May, 2021 till 31st May, 2021.
2. Existing Student Payment Of Fee for Quarter 1(Apr-Jun)(2021-2022) will start from 7th May 2021, till 26th June 2021.

All KV Teachers are requested to please ensure completion of Students data entry & verifications at all levels before the aforesaid schedule & suitably guide.

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